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Diets are enforced for many reasons like medical​ conditions, engaging in sports, trying to eat healthier, but one of the most common is the desire to knock off some pounds.

Some people opt for a self-controlled​  and​ non-restricting diet, but some choose to go the other way. Here are some strict diets they might follow:



Contrary to what might be expected for weight loss, this diet is all about fats. It involves the consumption of a little carbohydrate and lots of fat. This helps to place the body in a condition known as Ketosis so that it is better suited​ for burning all the extra fat.

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Originally from Dr. Atkins's New Diet Revolution, this eating plan has undergone several changes since its​ inception. It consists of four stages, and just like the keto diet, it requires low carbs intake. 

The amount of carbohydrates that can be consumed increases as the diet progresses.


People that choose to follow this diet​ are expected to eat​ just like the early humans, cavemen. It focuses on the consumption of fish, vegetables, lean meats, and nuts while eliminating the intake of processed foods such as dairy and sugar. While it helps to reduce weight significantly, the nourishment that it eliminates is excellent for health.


The Nordic diet is based on what people from a group of countries, including Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland consume daily. Just like the Paleo diet, it cuts out processed food and encourages the intake of plant-based​ foods along with a good amount of fatty fish like​ Mackerel.


This diet​ is vegetarianism at its peak. It eliminates all​ types of meat and products which are obtained for animals such as honey. Unlike other diets, people who opt for the vegan way can eat without having to monitor their calorie intake as the food is deficient in fat. It is effective because it is a low-calorie eating plan.


This particular diet takes effective weight loss to a whole new level as it helps reduce weight within a short period. It works by increasing the rate of metabolism and fat burning without causing hunger. It has three phases, and it gets its name from the first two parts during which the HCG hormone supplements​ are used. During the last​   stage, the HCG intake is stopped, and food consumption increases.


Unlike many diets, the Dubrow diet goes beyond making healthier choices when it comes to food. It takes things​  up a notch as it involves intermittent fasting, which restricts the period within which food can be consumed. The diet is focused on helping people look better rather than leading to better health.


This diet will encourage the making of better food​ choices, but it can be on the expensive side. It lasts for​ ten days, during which an eating plan consisting of a high amount of protein, low carbohydrate, and low dairy is followed.


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